Passing From Self To God

Passing From Self To God

A Cistercian Retreat
Robert Thomas, OCSO; Translated by Martha Krieg

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Those seeking to deepen their spiritual lives by visiting monasteries rarely have enough time to absorb as much as they would like. In this book an experienced spiritual master provides an intensive directed retreat which relies heavily on the rich Cistercian spiritual tradition. Readers may read and digest at their own pace, savoring the author’s contagious enthusiasm for the monastic way and the medieval monks who formed this distinctive contemplative tradition.

Robert Thomas, a monk of Sept-Fons from 1928 until his death in 2002, served as prior of his community, professor of theology and Sacred Scripture, and chaplain to Cistercian nuns. He was instrumental in translating the early Cistercian Fathers into modern languages.

This book delivers on its promise . . . It would be best read slowly, day by day, theme by theme while meditation on its directives over the course of a silent, intensive, solitary retreat. . . . This book is deep and wise.
Cistercian Studies Quarterly

Here we have what promises to be a modern classic . . .
Antony Grant CR, Quarterly Review of the Community of the Resurrection

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