The Spirituality of the Christian EastVolume 2
Tomás Spidlík SJ; Anthony P. Gythiel, Translator

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This second volume on Eastern Christian spirituality amplifies in depth the final two chapters of the earlier The Spirituality of the Christian East: A Systematic Handbook. Like Cassian in writing his Conferences, Cardinal Spidlík does not advocate any particular pattern of prayer, but sets out faithfully to collect and share the teachings of generations of eastern monks and spiritual writers.

If you want to learn about the richness and depths of Eastern Christian prayer and spirituality, theology, development and practice, then there is little doubt that his is one of the most comprehensive and authoritative books available in the English language.
Shawn Trive, The New Liturgical Movement

This magnificent volume builds upon the first volume, The Spirituality of the Christian East: a Systematic Handbook, published in 1986. Here, Spidlik has once again shown himself to be a superlative scholar in his care and comprehensiveness. . . . The book concludes with a `selected bibliography' that luxuriously runs to well over a hundred pages: this is itself worth the price of the book. A wonderfully detailed index of topics and one of names bring the book to an end.
Logos: A Journal of Eastern Christian Studies

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Publication Date: 07/01/2005