The Doctrine of Compunction in the Christian East
Irénée Hausherr SJ; Translated by Anselm Hufstader OSB

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If joy in the resurrection is the distinguishing mark of christian faith, why have christian saints throughout the ages prayed for 'the gift of tears'? What place has penthos, heartfelt compunction, in the sure and certain hope of life in Christ?

In this study of penthos in the eastern monastic tradtion, the late Irénée Hauserr makes available to western Christians some of the heart of pastric and Orthodox teaching.

Penthos is precisely the kind of book most of us need today-something utterly unfashionable that can cut through the trendiness of contemporary spiritual consumerism. It is a book for serious people, about a serious subject. Besides being a very nice piece of historical theology, it qualifies as a fine book for devotional reading.

This book (as difficult as it is) will be of interest to students of the spirituality of the Christian East, to those who have made the Jesus Prayer an integral part of their spiritual discipline, and to others who wish to deepen their understanding of how our Christian identity is formed.
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Product number: CS053
ISBN: 978-0-8790-7953-6
Pages: 200
Publication Date: 11/01/1982