Sermons on the Christian YearVolume One

Sermons on the Christian YearVolume One

Isaac Of Stella; Translated by Hugh McCaffery OCSO; Introduction by Bernard McGinn

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A scholar turned monk, Isaac combined the increasingly technical vocabulary of the cathedral schools with the spiritual tradition of the monastery. Dialectic is here combined with meditative reflection.

His sermons, more rhetorical essays to be studied than homilies to be delivered, give modern readers some examples of how questions of philosophical theology could become part of a monastic spirituality by means of scriptural allegories
Church History

Isaac's moral-mystical exposition of scripture can serve as an introduction to "spiritual interpretation" at its best, combining theological depth, psychological insight, and free use of speculative concepts-plus close attention to the texts!
Religious Studies Review

Product number: CF011H
ISBN: 978-0-8790-7611-5
Pages: 236
Publication Date: 06/01/1979